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Roller conveyors

przenośnik rolkowy D50_3 przenosnik rolkowy paletowy Przenośniki rolkowe


    iConveyor modules has been designed with one specific purpose: maximum convenient and economical transport of goods. That's why devoid of any unnecessary components to prolong its operation and reducing efficiency. Here, each element has its own well-defined task, making economic conveyor (voltage of only 24 V) and extremely simple to use. Interference operator is with him reduced to an absolute minimum.


    iConveyor modules has been constructed from high quality materials to ensure outstanding performance and durability of each of its components. The quality reflected in the safety of the transported materials. You can be calm even the most delicate things through the use of zero-pressure accumulation, which carried loads can not touch each other.


    Size of the device in one hundred percent are adapted to the needs and expectations of the client. The modular design of the conveyor provides virtually unlimited ability to modify its size - just select as many modules as is actually needed to work effectively. Everything to the specific needs of a particular stock.


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