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FlexMove Conveyors

FlexMove przenośnik przenośniki


FlexMove® is built upon these 4 main virtues that is embodied in everything we do. With a mission to strive for exceptional superiority in intelligent integrated transportation systems, we aim to fulfill the ever-changing demands of the global market....more

  • The largest and most flexible system on the market.

Roller iConveyors


przenośniki rolkowePrzenośnik rolkowy nienapędzanyPrzenośnik RM 5600


Roller conveyor modules iConveyor® are mainly used for transportation of products with regular shapes such as cartons, containers, trays...more



Belt iConveyors


Przenośnik Taśmowy ProstyPrzenośnik Taśmowy ŁukowyPrzenośnik Taśmowy Wznoszący


iConveyor conveyor belt is a device that has been created to transport each kind of goods. Ideally suited for the fast movement of materials at different levels, between different magazine floors....more



Heavy Duty iConveyors