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Belt conveyors



   Belt iConveyors are driven by an electric motor or a powerful drum motor. This makes them the perfect mode of transport for a wide range of materials - from heavy and dry bulk transport of which would not be possible on the roller conveyor to standard of general goods.


Convenient transportation

   The conveyor is adapted to transport material in the same level and at an angle of elevation up to 20 degrees. This is indispensable for the movement of goods between different levels or even floors storage.


Simple and Strong construction

   Stable and strong aluminum construction guarantees consistently safe and efficient transportation. The performance goes hand in hand with the safety of both the transport on the same level and at different heights. The simple design of the device move simultaneously on its uncomplicated maintenance.


Plug and play

   Instant installation and implementation of conveyors thanks to pre-assembled modules and structures based on aluminum profiles.


iConveyor PDF Catalogue